The MSIB Manual Discovery workflow can also be used to discover all points exposed through nHaystack on a single Niagara AX station.

To use manual discovery for a Niagara AX nHaystack station, a text file containing the connection details for the AX station must be prepared. For more information detailing this required text file, see Appendix B - Import/Export File Column Headings.

Once the Niagara AX nHaystack manual discovery file has been prepared, the same steps documented in the Using Manual Discovery section may be used for performing an AX discovery.

If a customer site performs both nHaystack and BACnet discoveries, a __msib_main_discovery_file*.csv may contain both BACnet and nHaystack points. In order to create a MSIB nHaystack node, the import file must contain only nHaystack points. Any BACnet points must be removed from the import file prior to nHaystack node creation.