For pre-installation planning, refer to the table below providing document links to MSIB installation information.

MSIB Pre-Installation Information

Document Link

Using a Virtual Machine (VM) Environment

See Using a VM Environment with MSIB

Using License Manager Utility (LMU)

See Using a VM Environment with MSIB and licensing Option 3 below.

Applying Certificate and Key Files

See Applying Certificate and Key Files

MSIB Services

See Defining MSIB Services

Installing MSIB

See Installing MSIB 3.3 for Windows

  • Will MSIB be serving BACnet objects for a BACnet client to discover? If yes, MSIB must be installed properly so a BACnet client can discover the objects.

To discover the MSIB BACnet objects in the BACnet client system, both systems should be on the same subnet. If MSIB is not on the same subnet as the client system, the systems should be linked together with BBMDs.

Note: MSIB does not act as a BBMD nor can it attach itself to a BBMD as a foreign device.

  • License key not required

Option 1
For sending FDD related data to Navigator or device data to either Amazon Web Services (AWS) through Building Twin, Data Center Hub or PRT 2.0.

  • Siemens LMS MSIB base license required

This is for services other than Navigator, Building Twin, Data Center Hub and PRT 2.0. The base license includes licensing for 1,000 points. If additional points are needed, license bundles are sold in increments of one thousand, ten thousand and one hundred thousand.

Option 2
For SQL and SMUD

Option 3
All BACnet Server Mode options:
APOGEE Insight BACnet Server, BACnet Server Read Only, NOAA Weather Service, HL7 Services