With the Manual Discovery feature, MSIB bypasses the standard online discovery that uses the BACnet Who is? – I am sequence to find all reachable BACnet devices. This functionality provides the ability to upload a previously configured manual discovery file containing the list of BACnet devices that requires discovery.

When choosing this feature, MSIB will not send out Who-is? and will not listen for any I am returning data but will utilize the information from the CSV file to identify which BACnet devices to discover.

For Manual Discovery, there is no the Listening status. There are only two statuses when discovering properties of devices: Started and Finished.

Using the BACnet Manual Discovery Process

Follow this process to use manual discovery.

  1. Go to Discovery.
  1. Select Start.
  1. In the Settings dialog, select Yes (1) for Use manual discovery.
  1. Select Choose file.
  1. From the file explorer, select the desired .csv file.
  1. Select Start (3).

For more information detailing the .csv file required for manual discovery, see Appendix B - Import/Export File Column Headings.