Using the PRT 2.0 Service option, MSIB is intended to support live gathering of data from a Siemens Building Automation System and serve up that data to the Performance Reporting Tool 2.0 as part of the Proven Outcomes offering. MSIB performs two functions in the PRT 2.0 Service configuration:

  • Polls Siemens building automation system devices or Modbus TCP devices for data.
  • Transfers data to PRT at pre-defined intervals (typically 15 minute intervals).


MSIB for PRT 2.0 is part of the overall Siemens Performance Management workflow. The role of MSIB in PRT is to acquire real time dynamic data from the customer site and send the real time data to the Performance Reporting Tool 2.0 in the cloud without the need to manually gather data.

For specific information on using MSIB for PRT 2.0, contact the Digital Service Center (DSC).

For detailed steps on how to configure MSIB to use PRT 2.0 Service, see Creating and Configuring PRT 2.0 Nodes.