Using the SMUD CAISO API Service option, MSIB can connect to the utility cost information supplied by Sacramento Municipal Utility District (SMUD). MSIB retrieves the hourly cost data from SMUD and depending on which of the two modes chosen during installation, functions in one of the two ways.

  • In BACnet server mode, MSIB exposes each value as a BACnet point.
  • In Non-BACnet server mode, MSIB commands the P2 or BACnet points.

In BACnet mode, MSIB must be installed properly so a BACnet client can discover the objects. MSIB does not act as a BBMD, so either an external BBMD in another device must be used or MSIB must reside on the same subnet as the BACnet client reading the data.


MSIB can receive hourly cost data from the SMUD CAISO API and if BACnet server mode is chosen, MSIB can make the data available to the BAS as a virtual BACnet node(s). A SMUD node is available to be discovered as BACnet IP nodes with BACnet objects for reading by the Building Automation System (BAS). In non-BACnet server mode, MSIB commands the P2 or BACnet points.

SMUD Service


MSIB must be configured to use the data from the SMUD CAISO API as input. Depending on the mode chosen during installation, MSIB either normalizes the data to BACnet object data, making it available for the BAS, or MSIB commands the panel points.

SMUD Process

For detailed steps on how to configure MSIB to use SMUD CAISO API Service, see Creating and Configuring SMUD Nodes.