MSIB stores the files used to create Modbus nodes. You can access these files. This can be useful for backup purposes. It is also useful for creating a new import file that is similar to an existing node. You can open an existing file, save it with a new name, make any necessary changes and import it to a different node. This is a likely scenario if you have several Modbus TCP devices that are using identical devices.

To find and alter these Modbus files follow the steps detailed below.

  1. Open the MSIB folder in the Windows Start Menu and open the MSIB Nodes folder.
    Alternatively, you can access these folders through Windows Explorer. Their default location is C:\Program Files\MSIB\msib\lib\msib-3.1.0\priv.
  1. Select the node name from your file structure. In this example, the node name is MySQLTestNode.
  1. Open the csv file in Excel.
MySQLTestNode CVS File
  1. Enter replacement text in the fields you wish to change. Do not delete any columns but text fields can be cleared.
  1. Save the file as a CSV file with a new name in a different folder.
  1. Follow the Creating and configuring Modbus TCP MSIB nodes workflow and use this new file as the import file.