Use Windows Services feature to verify that the MSIB service is running and set to Automatic (Delayed Start). This same procedure can be followed to verify, start, stop or restart the MSIB service.

  1. In the Windows Start Menu’s Search text box, type services.
  1. Select the Services program.
  • The following window opens:
MSIB Local Service
  1. Within the Services program, locate the msib_<version> service and confirm that its status is Running and Startup Type is Automatic (Delayed Start).
  1. If the MSIB service needs to be started, stopped or restarted, right-click on the service and select the appropriate menu option.
MSIB Service Stop and Restart
  1. (Optional) To ensure that the MSIB service restarts if the application stops, Siemens recommends reviewing the application settings in the Recovery tab. Select the Properties option from the MSIB Service context menu.
MSIB Service Properties
  • The following dialog opens.
msib_3.3.6 Properties (Local Computer)
MSIB Recovery Tab
  1. Select the Recovery tab and set the recovery actions.