The BACnet server registers for COVs from the P2 field panels that are added to the BACnet server. Enabling these COVs can create a significant amount of network traffic if COV limits are not well managed at the field panels. Ideally, COV limits at the field panels would be reviewed for appropriate communication. If this is not feasible, there is a possibility to configure Insight with its ASYNC cache at zero so that it does not register for COVs and it only polls when data is requested from it.

IF the individual sites and panels were setup with COVs that limited traffic then this step would not be necessary. This is not a typical Insight configuration option and likely requires assistance from a Siemens technical expert.

An example of a configuration that may require this type of setup is with communication to pre-Apogee panels via Insight BACnet server. The main concern is to avoid overwhelming the panels with requests for data.

Trial and error with the specific system (watching the pre-Apogee field panels at Insight), may be required and may result in a setup where MSIB polls once every 5 minutes with 1 point/second. This scenario provides 300 points per panel.