MSIB can poll data from a P2 Ethernet panel and act as a virtual BACnet device making the data available as virtual BACnet points for 3rd party applications. Nodes are available to be discovered as BACnet objects and consumed/read by a BACnet system.

MSIB does not act as a BBMD, so either an external BBMD in another device must be used or MSIB must reside on the same subnet as the device reading the data.

The BACnet Server (Read Only) service supports P2 Ethernet panels only. It does not support P2 RS-485 panels that are routed to an Ethernet network via an AEM.

BACnet Server Read Only Service


MSIB must be configured to use the data from the APOGEE P2 Ethernet devices as input. MSIB converts the data and make it available as BACnet.

BACnet Server Read Only Process

For detailed steps on how to configure MSIB to use BACnet Server (Read Only) Service, see Creating and Configuring BACnet Read Only Nodes.