MSIB can poll and aggregate BAS data from the BACnet server option at APOGEE Insight and act as a BACnet proxy making the data available as BACnet virtual nodes for 3rd party applications. Nodes are available to be discovered as BACnet objects and polled by 3rd party monitoring applications or analytics software. The proxy function allows for controlled polling of points to avoid overwhelming older panels with requests for data.

MSIB is expecting to join an existing BACnet infrastructure which has a BBMD on the subnet where MSIB is installed.

APOGEE Insight BACnet Server Proxy


MSIB must be configured to use the data from the APOGEE Insight BACnet Server as input. MSIB buffers the data and makes it available for a third-party BACnet client.

Insight BACnet Server Process

For detailed steps on how to configure MSIB to use Insight BACnet Server as input, see Creating and Configuring APOGEE Insight BACnet Server Proxy Nodes.