The Data Center Hub Service in MSIB allows real-time data to transfer from customer infrastructure panels to Amazon Web Services (AWS). MSIB connects a customer site to AWS to display the data on dashboards within the Data Center Hub website.

MSIB DC Hub Connection

Initial Steps

Before configuring nodes to send data to AWS, gather the following information:

  • The AWS client ID assigned to this location
  • The AWS IoT Endpoint assigned to this location
  • A set of certificates that permit a secure connection to AWS for the transmission of data. This includes:
    • AWS Certificate
    • AWS Key (if password protected, the password must be provided)
    • AWS CA Certificate

The AWS Certificate and AWS Key secure the communication channel to AWS and the AWS CA Certificate is for the AWS Certificate Authority which authenticates that the AWS Certificate is genuine.

  • The AWS Update Interval – how often to send the data to AWS
  • AWS SSL Port – 8443 in the case of AWS
  • Proxy information, if needed

For an encrypted AWS Key file, choose Yes in the AWS Key File Protected field. Next, enter the file password in the provided AWS Key File Password field. If no password was required and No was selected, the password field does not remain visible.

Once the MSIB nodes are created (BACnet, ModBus, or others), select the node to configure for the Data Center Hub service. Select the Add Service button and fill in the required information in the fields provided and select Create and start to save the information.

Create DC Hub Node