Creating and configuring Modbus TCP MSIB nodes for the Navigator Configuration Service

This section provides instructions for creating MSIB nodes and configuring the Navigator Configuration service for use with Modbus TCP devices.

MSIB collects the data directly from the Modbus TCP devices, so it does not matter which BAS is used. From a high level, creating and configuring nodes is a two part process:

  1. Create a virtual node in MSIB for the purpose of exposing Modbus TCP data from a Modbus device.
  2. Configure the Navigator Configuration Service for pushing data to Navigator.

Before beginning

Before creating and configuring the MSIB nodes, you must prepare the following dependencies:

  • CSV file of the Modbus Application File
    • Option one: You can create this from the MSIB Modbus Application Table Template. This template is available on Standard Apps.
    • Option two: If you have an existing ISB, you can use App Builder to select the application and export the CSV file.

In creating the CSV file, you only need to include the points for which you wish to collect data. For example, you might be interested in power related points.

  • A system site set up in Navigator
    • Navigator meters will need to be created before MSIB can send data to the meters. Contact the Digital Service Center for preparing Navigator to receive Modbus data.
    • Trends are not necessary because MSIB will use real time point data.
  • If a proxy connection is needed for the Navigator connection, see Navigating the User Interface for setting up the proxy.
  • For other needs, see System Requirements for MSIB with Navigator Service in the section titled MSIB Application Requirements.
  • See the Siemens document titled MSIB Modbus Application Guide for more information when working with Modbus.

Collecting data

To create MSIB nodes and configure services, the following source and client information is required:

  • An understanding of both the source and Navigator site will be necessary in order to configure MSIB nodes for communication.
  • Online access to source data will be necessary to verify communication with the source.

Sending data from a single source to multiple destinations

In order to send data from a single source to multiple destinations, a separate node will need to be created for each destination service.

Creating a new node

For Modbus devices, nodes must be created one at a time. Only use the Create single node button.

Several identical Modbus devices could exist on a site, but Navigator must have unique point names. To ensure the point name is unique, MSIB will add the node name as a prefix to the point name, making it appear as DeviceName:PointName. This makes it possible to use the same CSV file to create more than one Modbus node.

  1. Select Create single node.
  1. Enter a Node Name.
  1. From the Service drop-down list, select Navigator Configuration Service.
  1. Enter the Navigator Device Username and Navigator Device Password.

MSIB validates the Navigator device name and Navigator device password before allowing a node to be created.

  1. For Import Type, select Application CSV File.
  1. Select Choose file and select the import file.

A Modbus Application CSV file must only contain the points for a single Modbus device. The file cannot contain multiple devices.

  1. In Source Service, select Modbus TCP Polling.
  1. If using SI Units, activate the provided slider. By default, this function is not selected.
  1. In the Modbus Server IP Address field, indicate the Source IP Address. This is the IP address of the Modbus device.
  1. In the Modbus Server Sub Address field, indicate the sub address for the Modbus device. Most of the time, this value is zero, but it can be any number between zero and 247.
  1. In the Modbus Server Port field, enter the port number of your Modbus device. The default is 502.
  1. Enter a desired Polling Interval or leave the default of 900 seconds between polling cycles (15 minutes).
  1. Enter a desired Separation for the number of milliseconds between point requests within a polling cycle or leave at the default of 600 milliseconds.
  1. Select Create and start.
  • After a successful create and start, the MyModbusNode list displays the new node created in the list.
  • You may need to refresh the page before the data displays. This is especially true for larger amounts of data. MSIB will start sending data to the Navigator site. For details about the operation of nodes, see Working with nodes.