Once run, the Discovery results are available in the MSIB file structure. They are available for use as part of the MSIB node creation. You can download a ZIP file of the results by using the Download button in the Discovery view that is visible after the Discovery process is complete.

You can also manually locate the files on the PC hosting MSIB as shown below.

  1. To locate the files, open the MSIB folder in the Windows Start Menu and open the MSIB Nodes folder.

Alternatively, you can access these folders through Windows Explorer. Their default location is C:\Program Files\MSIB\msib\lib\msib-3.3.6\priv. Note that msib-3.3.6 corresponds to a specific revision number of MSIB.

  1. Navigate to the msib_discovery folder.
  • Each individual device has a .csv file named with the name of the device.
  1. A combined discovery file (__msib_main_discovery_file_XXX.csv) contains the merged content of all of the discovered devices in the msib_discovery directory.

The results files can be modified in external tools to reduce the number of points and then used for creating nodes in MSIB.

The panels, import file, and MSIB node must be in sync. Practice consistent change management processes. For example, if you make a change to a point name in the system, you will also need to update your import file and your MSIB node. Similarly, if the project in a controller is edited, the object instances may change, so a new file should be obtained and the MSIB node reconfigured.