There are two types of re-discovery: an initial re-try and an update for engineering resilience.

During the initial discovery process, MSIB checks for required information. If point data is missing, a discovery retry attempts to capture the missing required field such as the object name. If on the second pass, the data is still not captured, an error is displayed in the scanning file.

To ensure PXC engineering resilience, MSIB performs a database revision check at the start of each poll cycle to monitor the database revision number of the BACnet devices. If a change is detected, MSIB reacts accordingly. Specifically, MSIB performs the following functions:

  • Periodically checks if any of the node points have changed instance numbers. If any have changed, MSIB then updates their number in MSIB to match.
  • Updates the XML configuration file to sync up with the proper information.
  • Updates the node .csv file after the re-discovery is complete.