DXRs are included in the BACnet discovery. MSIB can discover DXRs with applications of 14000 and above.

Ethernet DXRs can now be discovered with the MSIB discovery process. Grouping of Ethernet DXR points will need to be done manually. Specifically, if you want to group points from multiple DXRs, you will need to open the csv file in Excel and edit the Device System Name column by entering a name, using the same name for all of the Ethernet DXR points that you want grouped together. Multiple groups can be created in the same file (e.g. DXRe Group 1, DXRe Group 2).

Example column edited in Excel:

Device System Name Column

Resultant grouping of nodes in MSIB shown below.

Grouped Devices

MSTP DXR points are made unique by MSIB putting the device name followed by a colon in front of the point name (ALN name:Point name). All MSTP devices are grouped under the routed device in MSIB Nodes by default.