File related settings

MSIB allows the user to alter buffering and file storage settings that were set up during installation for Navigator use. See Working with Navigator for details.

URL related settings

There are two options when it comes to pushing data to the Navigator infrastructure. Under Settings > General, select the destination URL based on the firewall configuration requirements required by the local IT department.

By default, MSIB uses the Production URL. With the Production URL, data is transmitted to the standard Navigator Import Engine which cycles IP addresses and supports firewall configurations that are URL specific.

The standard Production option supports the cRSP proxy. For more information on cRSP, visit the [SI SSP HQ cRSP Service Operations] site.

As an alternate option, you can select the Production Fixed IP Solution so application data will be transmitted to the Navigator Import Engine which supports Fixed IP firewall configurations at the customer site. It is necessary for the customer to enable access to the following 4 IP addresses to complete this data option: