This guide is intended to guide you through either one or both the migration processes listed above without having to jump around various Building X documents. This is assuming the prerequisites in this section, Before you migrate, have been met.

The following Building X documents are accessible for more information on the processes described in this migration guide:


Application and link

Tasks supported

ABT Site click here

  • Configure UDP Ports

Accounts click here

  • Subscription migration topics
  • Create a company
  • Partition Handovers

Building Operator Discovery click here

  • Discover BACnet data points
  • Tag data points

Connect Hub here

  • Discover data points

Data Setup click here

  • Activate data points

Devices click here

  • Update operating system
  • Enable remote web access to connected devices
  • Add devices and data points
  • Add Tags to data points

Operations Manager click here

  • Comfort score
  • Events
  • Notifications
  • Trends