• You have verified that you have a distribution in Devices > Applications that includes Connect Hub.
  • You have verified that your device has the latest device updates installed in Devices > Updates.
  • You are in Devices.
  1. Go to Sites.
  1. Select the site with the gateway device.
  1. Select the gateway device.
  1. Go to Applications.
  1. Select Connect Hub and the target connectors for installation.
  1. Select Synchronize.

The apps are part of an installed distribution. Deleting or uninstalling the app also deletes the configuration. This change affects how data is stored in the cloud, resulting in a loss of historical data.

If the app is uninstalled and reinstalled, the data points are created as new and added to the existing data points. The existing data points become orphans since the platform does not have delete functionality at this time.