• On the  Trend analysis page, a trend chart is selected.
  1. Select Edit.
  1. From Edit trend, select Series > .
  1. From the Available list, choose your data points.
  1. Select to add the data points to the Selected list.
  1. Confirm your selection.
  1. For each data point, in the Y-axis column select the appropriate placement option from the drop-down menu.
  1. From Edit trend, select Options.
  1. Set the Default period.
    NOTE: Operations Manager displays a maximum of three years of trend data on a chart. For example, if the Default period is five years, the trend chart displays only three years of data.
  1. (Optional) By default, the Auto-scale check box is enabled for the Left Y-Axis and/or Right Y-Axis. This means the trend chart scales based on the range of the data point values.
  • To specify a range, uncheck the Auto-scale check box and enter a value for the Min, Max range for the Left Y-Axis or Right Y-Axis.
  1. The properties defined in Options tab are immediately reflected in the chart preview.
  1. Select Save.

You can select up to 10 data points.