After you migrate from Building Operator Discovery (BOD) to Connect Hub, your data points configurations such as trends, Event settings, notifications, and comfort score settings are not carried over. You must reconfigure these once you migrate.

For more information, go to Post BOD to Connect Hub migration activities.

(Offline) Backup recommendations and steps

The following are recommended steps to take prior to migrating from BOD to Connect Hub.


Data points

Data points are not retained in the migration.

NOTE: There is a difference in the Command Priority between BOD and Connect Hub:

  • BOD command priority = 8
  • Connect Hub command priority = 13

Recommended actions:

  • Release all commanded BACnet data points.
    a. In Operations Manager, go to the site-specific page > Devices and expand the building tree.
    b. Expand a device and from the data point table, identify and document all the BACnet data points that are in override .
    c. Open the BACnet Object Browser from the Windows system tree and select the commanded object you want to release.
    d. In the Property Name column in the right pane, select a property name.
    e. From the Services menu, click Write Property.
    f. Modify the fields in the Write Property dialog box.
    g. Select Send Later if you have other properties to edit and want to send all the changes at one time. After you are finished editing the other properties, select Send Now.
    h. The new value is written or commanded to the object, and the right pane of the BACnet Object Browser is updated.
    i. Repeat as needed for each device and data points that need to be released.


Releasing all your commanded BACnet data points will affect site automation and can lead to unwanted conditions. It is imperative you time this activity appropriately.


Comfort score, Event, and Notification settings

Comfort score, Event and Notification settings are not retained after migration.

Recommended actions:

  • From Operations Manager, take screen captures or list all your current event settings.
    a. Go to the site-specific page > Devices and expand the building tree.
    b. Expand a device and from the data point table, select a data point.
    c. From the side-panel, expand Comfort score, Event settings, and Notifications take a screen capture.
    d. Repeat for each device and data point.


Trend data

During migration, all data point history is lost. In order to maintain the trend history of every data point on a site, it is recommended you create trend view definitions in multiples of 10 data points, and then perform an all data export to a CSV file. Note, a data point must be part of a trend definition in order to export the data point’s historical data.

Trend definition reports can support up to 10 data points. For example, if you have 100 points, you need to create 10 trend definitions of 10 data points each.


Operations Manager records trend data for up-to three years.

Recommended actions:

  • From Operations Manager, export any trend data you want to keep.
  • Once you have created the trend definitions to accommodate all the data points to keep for the site, perform the following steps for each:
  • a. Go to the site-specific page > Trend analysis and select a trend definition view.
    b. In the bottom-right of the trend definition, set the Time range to All.
    NOTE: All data represents all samples of data, in trends, digested data represents an average for a time range.
    c. Select More and then select Export all data > CSV.
    d. The Trend analysis page is locked during the export. Depending on the amount of data, the export may take a few minutes.
    e. Once the trend definition export is completed, a CSV file is generated with the data point details. The file name will include the start and end date of the historical data.
    NOTE: If the CSV row count exceeds 1 million rows, the system will automatically create additional files. These files will have the same name, with an appended number for differentiation, and will continue to be created until all the data is successfully exported.
    f. Repeat as needed until you have run all the trend definition’s for all site data points.
  • TIP: To continue working in Operations Manager while an export is in progress and the Trends page is locked, right-click on the Operations Manager tab, and then select Duplicate. This will create a duplicate tab of your current session and allow you to work on another page and task.