When you have Building Operator Discovery and Connect Hub running in parallel, there may be port conflicts and you must perform the following steps to change the UPD port.

NOTE: This step is only applicable if you are discovering BACnet data points.

  • You have your project open in ABT site, and the configured devices display.
  • ABT site should be connected so all the devices in the network can be discovered.
  1. From the horizontal navigation bar, select Startup.
  1. From the displayed Engineered Devices section, select the device for which the UDP port is to be changed.
  1. Expand the Property pane and select IP.
    In our example, we are using device name: OX_PXC4E16_1
  1. In the UDP port field, change the port value to another port number. This number must not match the BOD port number.
    In our example, 0xBAC1, which is also 47809.
  1. In the Engineered Devices section, right-click on the device and select Find matching serial number.
  1. Select Assign.
  • This assigns the changed data, in this case the UDP port which we changed, to the device.
  1. Once the assignment is successful, from the Engineered devices section, right-click on the device and from the contextual menu, select Load and Full Upload.
  • This loads the data you have just assigned to the device and restarts the device.
  1. To test the device, try to discover it again in the Discovered devices section by entering the device Serial # and then check if the UDP port has been reassigned.
  1. After confirming the UDP port change, use the new updated port in Connect Hub to discover the device.