Comfort score monitoring is enabled and configured at the site level:

Comfort score is enabled.
Comfort score is disabled.

Depending on your user privileges you can only view, view and edit, or have no access to comfort score settings at all.

  • The Comfort score tile indicates that comfort score is not configured for any of the sites.
  1. Go to Settings.
  1. Enable comfort score monitoring at Site level by switching the Comfort score toggle button.
  1. If you turned comfort score on, from the Temperature Unit dropdown list, select a unit of measure.
  • The default comfort score configuration settings display below. If required, you can edit this configuration.
  1. Select Save.


After enabling Site comfort score, you can check the comfort score machine user automatically created in the Accounts app, under Machine users. This is the machine user that will calculate comfort score for a specific partition of sites or buildings.
Changes to the configuration are not reflected immediately as the comfort score calculations are updated every 15 minutes.
Do not remove the comfort score machine user, otherwise, the Site comfort score configuration is lost.