For data points to participate in the comfort score calculation, they must have the appropriate units of measurement and be able to contribute to any of the parameters listed in the following table:



Unit of measure



°C / °F


Relative Humidity



Air Quality (PM2.5)



Carbon dioxide


A data point that has no specific unit of measure, or is not one of the comfort score units of measure used (see table above) cannot participate. In both cases, the comfort score tile does not display in the right detail pane.

For each data point that can participate in comfort score, the following toggle button conditions apply:

Comfort score is activated.
Comfort score is not activated.

Depending on your user privileges, you can only view, view and edit, or have no access to comfort score at all.

  • You have added data points to your device.
  • You have enabled the site comfort score, and you are on the site’s Building hierarchy or Devices page, but the Comfort score card indicates the site comfort score is not configured. This means that you must activate comfort score data monitoring for one or more data points.
  1. Go to Building hierarchy or Devices.
  1. Select a device data point with the appropriate unit of measure.
  • Data point name and comfort score details display at the top of the right detail pane.
  1. In the data point detail side pane, under Comfort score, enable or disable comfort score monitoring by switching the Enabled toggle button.
  1. Repeat steps 2 and 3 for all the equipment data points whose comfort data you want to monitor.