• You have initiated partition handover from the old company with the Operations Manager Standard Plan (BO) subscription.
  • Sign into the new company associated with the Building X - Operations Manager subscription.
  1. Select Launchpad > Accounts.
  1. Select the new company.
  1. Go to Partition management > Partitions.
  1. From the blue Information message, select Show.
  1. For each partition from the old company, you want to accept on the Hand over partitions page, from the Subscription dropdown list, select Building X – Operations Manager.
  1. Select Accept.
  • The migrated partitions appear in the Partition Management list of new company and are removed from old company associated with the Operations Manager Standard Plan (BO) subscription.
  • If the partition hand over is declined, then the partition migration is canceled and returned to the old company.
  1. Select the checkboxes for all handover partitions in the new company to see all the sites and devices.