Only users with the privileges Fire Engineer and Fire Administrator can view the Test icon on the menu bar at the bottom of the app.

Starting tests

  1. Tap Test .
  • The Test plans dialog box opens.
  1. Tap a new test plan.
  1. Tap Start test.
  • The progress of the test displays.

To stop a test select Stop testing.

Running tests

  • A test plan with state Open is open.
  1. Tap Filter and select an option:
  • failed
  • skipped
  • pass
  • not-tested
  1. Tap Filter.
  • The detector list is filtered by the selected option.
  1. Select a detector from the list.
  • The detector details are displayed.
  1. Select Failed, Skipped, or Not applicable.
  1. Tap Comment.
  • Select a predefined comment from the list or enter your own comment text.
  1. Tap Save, followed by < Back.
  1. Test other detectors or select Stop testing.
  • If you select Stop testing, a message confirming your option to finish the current test session displays.
  1. Tap Yes to stop the test session. This closes the test plan. Once a test plan is closed it can no longer be opened.