Displays the partitions configured for the company and the related sites list and statistics. On selecting partitions, the different types of subscriptions (Standard data and Fire Manager) are shown with a toggle option. The enabling of the toggle options depend on subscriptions purchased by a company.

Only users with the Fire advance role and one of the following “Customer Admin/Partition Admin/Subscription Admin” can view and activate or deactivate the toggle options for Standard data and Fire Manager.

Only owned company can activate or deactivate the toggle options. It is not allowed to activate or deactivate toggle options for a shared partition.

The subscription model with Building X Fire Cloud Apps gives customers the choice which data package(s) (Standard data, Fire Manager) they would like to deploy in which sites, allowing them to cater to different customer requirements.

Standard data

Fire Manager

Events (live, history) and Notification

(via API and in Fire Connect mobile App)

(in Fire Manager)

Event Notification

(Push message via Fire Connect App)-

(add. Email/SMS Notification)

Efficient testing


Remote access for engineering tool


Additional features (e.g. Soiling/Sensitivity, ...)


Fire Manager is an optional add-on to the Standard data subscription. Standard data and Fire Manager subscriptions are required to use Fire Manager.

The toggle option for DFT data is visible, however the subscription is not available for UL customers.

Subscriptions can be activated or deactivated for individual sites. After a site is created for a IAM company, the toggles are deactivated by default. They need to be switched on to activate and to use the following functionality:

  • Standard data: Push data from the gateway to the Cloud, via APIs and enable data visualization in Fire Connect App.
  • Fire Manager: Enable data visualization in Fire Manager.

Information statistics for the installed equipment (number of sites, panels, detectors) as well as consumed subscriptions (Fire Manager) is displayed at the top below the partition name. If there is more than 1 partitions, these details are available on every selected Partition statistics.

  • If a company is created only with the Standard data subscription, then only the Standard data toggle option is enabled. The Sites tab is not present in the left navigation pane, and you are not able to select and view the site details. On hovering the mouse pointer over the toggle option for Fire Manager, a message "Subscription missing, purchase subscription and try again" displays.
  • If a company is created with Standard Data and Fire Manager subscriptions, then all the 2 subscriptions are enabled. The Sites tab is present, and you are able to view the site details. You can deactivate and reactivate subscriptions for Standard data and Fire Manager by using the respective toggle options. To deactivate the Standard data subscription, you must first deactivate the Fire Manager subscription. If you want to reactivate the Fire Manager subscription, you must first reactivate the Standard data subscription. On hovering your mouse pointer over the toggle options for Standard data and Fire Manager subscriptions information regarding the activation, deactivation, and reactivation of these subscriptions displays.

Once a toggle is switched on, the subscription purchased for the IAM company is consumed and the corresponding functionality is activated in the application.

There is a minimum activation period of 12 months for each Building X – Fire subscription. Toggles can be deactivated at any time, but the used subscription count will only be adapted (reduced) 12 months after initial activation.

In case that the subscription quantities are insufficient (i.e., more subscriptions are activated in Fire Manager than purchased in Siemens Subscription Manager), a corresponding message will appear prompting the user to buy the missing subscription count within 30 days. The message disappears again as soon as additional subscriptions were purchased in the Siemens Subscription Manager. If the needed subscriptions are not purchased within this period, access to the affected IAM company will be restricted.