• The person accessing the Fire Manager has activated the Tunnel Service.
  • Alternative: The Tunnel Service is activated on the computer accessing the Fire Manager.
  1. Start a Remote Maintenance Activation on the panel prior to configuring via the Zeus connection.
  1. Update log.
  1. Select the Cloud option under Transfer.
  • Zeus generates a one-time password (OTP) together with the remote connection request to the panel.
  • The OTP displays on the computer operating Zeus. It must be provided to a person on site by telephone or email.
Type and source of hazard

The OTP is a 6-digit numeric value. The request and generated OTP is valid for only 30 minutes. The OTP is invalidated in less than 30 minutes if the Zeus user cancels the process or the PMI user denies the remote request.

  1. Select OK.
  • A notification on the PMI panel indicates that a remote connection was requested.
  1. Select Close to continue the authorization.
  1. In the PMI maintenance menu, select Remote access.
    Note: This tab is enabled only when a valid connection request is pending.
  1. Contact the portal user by phone or email and ask for the OTP.
  1. Enter the requested OTP.
    Note: The panel compares the entered OTP from the workstation against the request.
  • Access is granted if the OTP matches and the display state changes.
Type and source of hazard

- If enabled, remote access disables after an hour of no activity.
- The panel can detect interruptions to connections to the Zeus remote connection, for example, if the Internet connection is interrupted and end the remote session.
- Temporary access remains after panel reset.
- Temporary access remains after uploading a configuration and restart.

  1. The Zeus status bar displays a cloud for an active remote maintenance session.
  1. The PMI user can end an active remote maintenance session at any time with Close Remote Session if the other user has concluded the work.