Fire protection companies can monitor, maintain, and remotely connect to all their networked fire protection systems 24/7 with the Building X Fire Apps service. Building X Fire Apps consists of:

  • Fire Manager: An online web portal for real-time overview and status of all sites, which can be accessed independent of device from any web browser. Fire Manager Tunnel is an integrated functionality in the portal. It is a temporary tunnel connection (MQTT) to a specific site for remote troubleshooting, assistance and diagnosis using the Engineering Tool
  • Fire Connect: A mobile application for iOS and Android to streamline the testing of peripheral devices for fire protection systems.

Fire Manager offers its users a real-time status overview of all their Cloud connected Desigo/Cerberus PRO Fire Safety systems, providing the needed transparency to quickly and efficiently manage a fleet of sites. The customizable Email and SMS notification feature allows to immediately react to any issues without having to actively monitor the systems.

The added transparency about system status and events, as well as the possibility to remotely connect to a site for diagnostics, facilitates planning of service calls and scheduled maintenance visits by analyzing the situation before going on site, saving driving distance and travel time.

The mobile application Fire Connect streamlines time-consuming device testing by displaying the device text shown at the panel display, to verify that the fire brigade is guided to the correct detector location in the event of an alarm. Thanks to the convenient text-to-speech feature, the mobile App of iOS and Android can be operated hands-free. A basic test report of all tested detectors can be generated directly from Fire Connect. This way, testing time can be significantly reduced and the quality of detector testing can be ensured.

The text-to-speech and report generation functions are applicable only for panels having firmware version lower than MP3.1.

The user interface of Building X Fire Apps is simple and intuitive and continuously expanded with new functionalities. Thanks to state-of-the-art encryption, data transmission is secured. More information related to IT security is available in the Cybersecurity A6V sec guidelines A6V14351537.