The devices must be manually updated after initial commissioning of a site. The devices are assigned the Next due test with this process. Device data that was previously automatically updated is not overwritten.

Not updated



  1. Select a site and then select Deviceson the vertical navigation.
  • Information on the devices is displayed.
  1. Select a top level in the hierarchy browser.

Repeat this process individually for all top levels.

  1. Select the check box to the left of the Type column.
  • All devices are selected.
  1. Select and then Edit manual test date.
  • The Edit manual test date dialog box displays.
  1. Enter the following data in the dialog box Edit last tested date:
  • Select the date in Select date.
  • Select the check box The selected date represents the last test date and can no longer be changed.
  • Select Update.
  • The devices of the corresponding top level are now updated. The number of devices is displayed briefly.