• A project subscription is registered and configured at Siemens.
  • You must have your own Siemens-ID to log in.
  • The Fire Connect app is downloaded from the App store.
  1. Open Fire Connect app and tap Login.

Displays a message if a newer version of Fire Connect is available in the App store. Update the Fire Connect app for the latest functions.

  1. If you are logging in to the application for the first time, the End User Agreement (EUA) and Data Privacy displays. Accept the EUA and Data Privacy and tap Continue.

Accepting the End User Agreement (EUA) and Data Privacy are mandatory before proceeding to the next step.

  1. To log in, tap one of the following:
  • Use Biometric Authentication.
  • Keep manual login.
  1. For manual login, enter your username and password and tap Sign in.
  • The site list displays.