Ethernet interface


3 x RJ45, shielded

Interface type

10Base-T / 100Base-TX, IEEE 802.3 compatible

Bit rate

10/100 Mbps, autosensing


BACnet/IP on UDP/IP and BACnet/SC over WSS/HTTPS (TLS V1.3) on TCP/IPv4

Web UI over HTTP or HTTPS on TCP/IP

Line Topology

Max. 20 devices per switch port(s)

Cabling (in-house cabling only), cable type

10 Mbps: Min. CAT3, shielded cable is recommended
100 Mbps: Min. CAT5, shielded cable is recommended

Cable length

Max. 328 ft (100 m) solid, 98 ft (30 m) stranded

WLAN interface

Interface type

Wireless access point

Supported standards

Frequency band

WLAN channels

Maximum radio-frequency power

IEEE 802.11b/g/n

2.412…2.462 GHz


16.4 dBm

Distance (unobstructed field)

Min. 16 ft (5 m)

Device pairing

Activation / Deactivation with service button

Automatic switch off after 10 minutes if no WLAN-client is connected.

Optionally, for cybersecurity reasons, the WLAN port can be permanently disabled in DT+ configuration.

Default SSID and WLAN password:
SSID = <ASN>_<Running number after the series letter> and password = <S/N>

Scan the QR code.
Then SSID = PXC7.E400_0000550 and password = 1400052738

NOTE: To determine SSID and WLAN password manually: Use the information from the Date/Series/SN block.
Date/Series: YYYYMMDDS0000001
S/N: 140000A12F Hex

TX-I/O Bus Interface for TXM modules

Nominal voltage

DC 24 V

Power supply for TX-I/O modules

Max. 300 mA

Module communication (CD)

DCV Data Signal referenced to CS, short-circuit proof

Module power (CS, )
Sensor power (terminal V on the TXM module)

DC 24 V
Max. 300 mA, short-circuit proof

Communication speed

115200 bps

Parallel switchable with 24VDC Supply TXS1.12F4

For details, see: TX-I/O- Product Range (149-476)

Field device power (terminal V on the TXM module)

AC/DC 24 V, Max. 2A, short-circuit proof

Connector for TX-I/O modules on the side: No protection against faulty wiring with AC 24 V

Use the protective cover provided directly on connector or move to last TX-I/O module

Screw terminals, plug-in

Cu-wire or Cu-strand with wire end sleeve

1 x 0.6 mm ∅ to 2.5 mm2 (22 to 14 AWG)
or 2 x 0.6 mm ∅ to 1.0 mm2 (22 to 18 AWG)

Cu-strand without wire end sleeve

1 x 0.6 mm ∅ to 2.5 mm2 (22 to 14 AWG)
or 2 x 0.6 mm ∅ to 1.5 mm2 (22 to 16 AWG)

Stripping length

6...7.5 mm (0.24...0.29 in)


Slot screws, screwdriver size 1 with shaft ø = 3 mm

Max. tightening torque

0.6 Nm (0.44 lb ft)