Once the configuration and programming files of the virtual device are downloaded to the physical device, you can check whether physical terminals are connected as configured in the tool with the commissioning function. For example, you can modify an output value to see if the corresponding input value changes. Like simulation, after commissioning starts, labels for all configured terminals are displayed on the screen. Meanwhile, the following information is also visible: IP address, baud rates of RS485 and EM Bus, RS485 transmission format and communication failure status (I/O module is properly connected or not).

  1. Make sure that the configuration and program files are downloaded to the physical device.
    See "Downloading configuration and program files".
    NOTICE! If the current virtual device is modified after the download is complete, you will not be able to enter commissioning mode normally. Compile and download again or undo the modification to commission normally.
  1. Reconnect the tool to the current physical device. See "Connecting to a physical device" for details.
  1. Locate and expand the virtual device that is bound with the physical device in the "Projects" area of the primary side bar.
  1. Click Device.efc, and then click "Commission" on the device configuration page that appears.
  • Button "Commission" changing to "Commissioning" indicates that the commissioning starts. At this point, the RUN LED changes from solid green to slow green flash, and the logic programming file in the controller stops running. You can view and modify the output values to test that each physical terminal is connected as configured. To stop commissioning, click "Commissioning". The RUN LED turns to solid green, and the logic programming file starts running.
  • Check if a physical device is connected if an I/O terminal label is red. If connected, check for the following issues: Input out of range, device short circuit, device power-off and I/O extension module (if any) offline.
  • Check the communication status indicators (EM1 BUS TX and EM1 BUS RX) on an I/O extension module picture to see if the corresponding physical module is connected properly to the controller. If the indicators are yellow, connection is successful; if they are red, connection is unsuccessful.