There are several scenarios where a virtual device that is created, programmed, or configured needs to be connected to a physical device:

  • Download the modified configuration and program files to the physical device.
  • Check whether the downloaded program is running according to the written configuration and programming with the online simulation function.
  • Check whether physical terminals are connected as configured in the tool with the commissioning function.

The connection method is as follows:

  1. Make sure that the controller and the computer with Logic Manager Programming Tool installed are in the same network. If there is an I/O extension module, ensure that the controller and module are successfully connected through the EM BUS port.
    Note: The controller defaults to DHCP connection. When there is no router dynamically assigning IP addresses in the field (the controller is directly connected to the computer via a network cable), the controller is connected via AUTO IP.
  1. In the area of "Device Connect", click to refresh the device list.
  • The newly connected physical device, including its MAC address and IP address, appears in the expanded list. If the controller and computer are connected via DHCP, the device information appears in the expanded list of the wireless NIC (network interface card); if both are directly connected via a network cable, the information appears in that of the wired NIC.
  1. In the area of "Projects", drag the device to the physical device in the corresponding NIC under "Device Connect" to establish a binding relationship between the virtual and physical devices.
  1. Confirm the drag and binding in the confirmation box that pops up in the lower-right corner of Logic Manager Programming Tool.
  • If the binding is successful, information about the corresponding virtual device appears on the screen when the mouse hovers over the physical device in the device list.
  • Note: If you want to drag the current virtual device to another physical one at this point, you must select the current physical device to which it is bound and then right-click to select "Unlock" for unbinding.
  1. Right-click the physical device and click "Connect this device". If Connected appears after the physical device, it indicates that the connection is successful.
  1. To connect to another physical device, expand the area of "DEVICE CONNECT", click to disconnect the tool from the current physical device, and then perform the steps above.

Successfully dragging a virtual device to a physical one means that the two have established a key-binding relationship. If you want to bind the physical device to a virtual one created in Logic Manager Programming Tool on another computer, select the physical device in the tool of the current computer and right-click to select "Unlock" for unbinding, then complete steps 1...5 in Logic Manager Programming Tool on the other computer to complete the new binding. If you just want to reuse the complete project on the current computer, you can connect the device on your new computer by using the tool's import function instead of untying and rebinding. See "Sharing projects and devices" for more information about project import and export.