1. Save the upgrade file of the I/O extension module to the local computer and install the driver file.
  1. Connect the controller (with I/O extension module connected) to the computer on which Logic Manager Programming Tool is installed, using a data cable with Type-A connector (USB 2.0) on one end and Type-C connector on the other. NOTICE! Make sure the controller and computer are connected properly before performing the following steps, otherwise you will not be able to enter the firmware upgrade mode!
  1. Press and hold down the SVC button while manually restarting the controller. The RUN LED turns to solid yellow after the restart is complete. Then, the controller enters the firmware upgrade mode.
  1. In the area of "Device Connect", click to refresh the device list.
  • The connected device appears in the USB list.
  1. Right-click the connected device and click "Firmware Update".
  1. Locate and select the local upgrade file in the pop-up dialog box.
  • The controller begins to restart after finishing downloading the upgrade file.
  1. Establish the binding relationship between the controller and the created virtual device. See "Connecting to a physical device" for details.
  1. Enter the online simulation or commissioning mode. See "Simulation and commissioning" for details.
  1. Check the "Triger IO Module Update" checkbox on the controller picture at the Device.efc page.
  1. Manually restart the controller and wait for the upgrade to complete. After firmware upgrade is complete, the RUN LED of the I/O extension module turns to solid green.