A timed cycle loop other than the main loop, in which the controller executes commands at regular intervals.

  • The timing interval is an integer in seconds or minutes. The controller executes the commands in the loop at such intervals.
  • Max. three timed cycle loops are allowed in a program. The priority is the same with the main loop, i.e., running concurrently.
  • Comparison between the main loop and timed cycle loop:

Same: All commands within the block are executed once in one cycle.

Difference: The cycle of the main loop is dynamic, usually tens of milliseconds; the cycle of a timed cycle loop is specified during programming, with an interval of at least one second. In another word, after all commands within the block are executed, no commands are executed during the set time interval. The program waits until another interval begins.






Variable 1 is incremented by one every ten seconds.