Programming window. Right-click on any area of the window to do the following:

  • Undo the last action.
  • Redo the last action.
  • Clean up blocks.
  • Collapse or expand blocks.
  • Delete all blocks except the primary cycle.


Show or hide the canvas grid.


Compile the program file. Click the Compile button after finishing programming or configuration.


Program file space usage. It is recommended not to exceed 100% usage, otherwise the program file may fail to download and run.


Blocks dragged to the programming window. Different function blocks have different colors. See "Program execution" for more information.


Pull the programming blocks back to the central and optimized position.


Zoom in the programming window


Zoom out the programming window


Click to open the pane which stores physical I/O points and virtual points added by double-clicking on the Device Configurator page.

  • Click to show or hide the added points.
  • The pane stores maximum five point pairs. Each contains the Value Get and Value Set functions of the corresponding point.
  • You can drag them directly to the programming window.


Recycle Bin. You can delete unneeded blocks by dragging them to the Recycle Bin, or by directly pressing Delete or Backspace on the keyboard. You can view, drag and reuse the deleted blocks in the Recycle Bin.


Function blocks. Click to expand each function block and drag a selected one to the programming window. You can also click directly on the selected block to place it in the programming window and then drag it to a desired location. See "Function block" for more information about each function block.