Connection terminals

Cu-wire or Cu-strand with ferrule

1 x 0.6...2.5 mm2

2 x 0.6...1.0 mm2

Cu-strand without ferrule

1 x 0.6...2.5 mm2

2 x 0.6...1.5 mm2

Stripping length

7...8 mm


M2.5, tightening torque 0.5 Nm (0.37 lb-ft)

Max. cable length

  • Ethernet cable length: 100 m
  • RS485 communication cable length:
    • 50 m (without repeaters)
    • 1000 m (with repeaters)
  • Resistance-type analog input cable length: 30 m
  • Digital input, analog input (non-resistance type), and analog output cable length: 100 m

Factors affecting maximum cable length

Be aware that the cable resistance and the influence of EMC as well as the hum increases with the length of the cable and has an impact on the accuracy of the analogue value. If the maximum cable length can be reached in an application depends on factors like selection of cable type, dimension, shielding, wiring, distance to high power devices, the requirements regarding measurement and control accuracy etc. and is in the responsibility of the customer.