Siemens Plug and play automation is a solution to connect, manage and monitor HVAC systems of small and mid-sized buildings ensuring highest occupant comfort while reducing energy consumption. Plug and play automation radically lowers the effort and complexity of Building Automation by delivering a fast and efficient plug & play solution to integrate and control field devices.

Equipment for measurement and control includes an IoT device that combines the functions of a controller and gateway, Modbus thermostats, heating and cooling meters via M-Bus and electric meters via Modbus.

The key features of Plug and play automation include:

  • Fan coil unit control with Modbus thermostats for 2- and 4-pipe fan coils
  • Cloud-based dashboard for energy consumption tracking and control
  • Individual room control for demand-driven heating and cooling
  • Integration of meters for electricity, heating and cooling
  • Plug & play commissioning and workflows for remote planning, intuitive on-site installation, troubleshooting and maintenance
  • Energy savings thanks to end-to-end heating and cooling demand control
  • Scheduling functions for thermostats based on building needs
  • Commissioning report created in app can be used check that all devices are visible and manageable from the Cloud Service
  • On-line system check allows users to troubleshoot the system from remote
  • Self-administration: new users can be invited to access the Cloud Service once the administrator has signed up the company for the Cloud Service and activated a subscription
  • User Management with role-based access control
  • Device Management to manage Siemens Cloud-Based devices
  • Subscription Management to view, manage, review and cancel subscriptions

The delivery consists of the Plug and play automation hardware and a software subscription.