Selecting menu , Quick Config can:

  • Read and write thermostat parameters
  • Set the application (e.g. 2-pipe)
  • Change parameter setting (e.g. setpoint related parameters)
  • Set device address or MAC address
  • Override output for point to point test (parameters d04...d08)
  • Share commissioning data via standard communication tools, e.g., email
  • Generate commissioning report


Change parameter settings while the device is powered and running:

  • Application settings require a device reboot.
  • Settings such as setpoint and HMI tuning take effect a few seconds later.


Change settings while the device is unpowered:

  • Current thermostat settings can be read and written any time while unpowered
  • The thermostat needs to be powered to store the new settings and ensure they are correct.


  • Access to the thermostat settings can be password protected (P83). The thermostat is locked after 5 attempts for 5 minutes.
  • Commissioning using Quick Config can be disabled via parameters to prevent unexpected changes of the thermostat (P81).