The thermostat operating mode can be influenced in different ways (see Different ways to influence the operating mode), e.g. mode button, window contact, BACnet/Modbus, etc. Specific heating and cooling setpoints are assigned to each operating mode.

Room operating mode switch

The thermostat returns the effective room operating mode on BACnet/Modbus.


The following operating modes are available:


Operating mode



Presence detector


In Comfort, the thermostat maintains the Comfort setpoint. This setpoint can be defined via P20 and P21.

Also, it can be locally adjusted via the +/- buttons or remotely via BACnet/Modbus.

The thermostat switches to Comfort when:

  • The presence detector (local or via BACnet/Modbus) is active (room is occupied) *)



A preset setpoint in Economy can be defined via P22 and P23.

The thermostat switches to Economy when:

  • The mode button is pressed (only possible if P10 is set to 2),
  • Economy is sent via BACnet/Modbus,
  • keycard is removed.
    The contact can be connected to multifunctional input X1 (RDF4..BN) / digital input D1. Set P60/P62 to 9 (P10 is irrelevant) *)

Window contact


In Protection, the system is:

  • Protected against frost (factory setting: 8 °C, configurable via P50)
  • Protected against overheating (factory setting: OFF, configurable via P51)

No other operating mode can be selected locally if Protection is commanded via BACnet/Modbus object "Forced operating mode for Protection". is displayed.

The thermostat switches to Protection when:

  • The mode button is pressed
  • Protection is sent via BACnet/Modbus
  • The window contact is active (open window)
  • "Window contact" is sent to thermostat via BACnet/Modbus. *)


  • Operating mode setting upon power failure: If the thermostat is disconnected from power supply and reconnected, the device returns to the operating mode before powering failure if P80 = 1. If P80 = 3, the device is in Protection mode. If P80 = 2, the device resumes Comfort.
  • *) Hotel presence detector, presence detector or window contact: Use only one input source, either local input X1 (RDF4..BN)/D1 or BACnet/Modbus. Local input has higher priority.