Temperature out of range

If the room temperature exceeds or drops below the measuring range, i.e. above 50 °C or below 0 °C, the limiting temperatures blink, e.g., 0 °C or 50 °C.

In addition, the heating output is activated if the current setpoint is not set to Off, the thermostat is in heating mode and the temperature is below 0 °C.

For all other cases, no output is activated.

The thermostat resumes normal operation as soon as the temperature is within the measuring range.

Fault on display

A fault message "Erx" appears on the display in the event of hardware component failure or incorrect configuration:



Fault description


Internal sensor error


Built-in sensor is broken.

  • If possible, use external temperature sensor to measure room temperature
  • Otherwise, replace thermostat

External / remote sensor error (RDF4..BN)


External sensor is broken or connection to terminal malfunctions.

  • Check input X1 configuration
  • Check wiring between sensors and terminals
  • Replace with another external sensor

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