Functions (parameters)




Sensors and changeover functions

  • Heating/cooling changeover via BACnet/Modbus (P02)

Central control of heating / cooling via BACnet/Modbus

  • Automatic heating/cooling changeover via changeover sensor (P60)

Thermostat runs sequences depending on water temperature


  • Changeover switch (P60/P62)

  • Manual heating/cooling changeover (P02)

Heating / cooling controlled manually by user (via HMI)

  • External temperature sensor (P60)

Temperature measurement with external sensors


Presence detector

  • Presence detector (P60/P62)

Switch operating mode

Hotel presence detector

  • Hotel presence detector (P60/P62)

Switch operating mode

User operation / Indication

  • Key lock (P15)

To limit access of unauthorized persons

Preventive operation

  • Avoid damage from moisture (P70)

To prevent moisture damage when guest room is unoccupied

NFC communication (RDF4..BN)

  • NFC (P81)

NFC communication via Siemens smartphone application