Room temperature setpoints can be:

  • Set during commissioning
  • Adjusted during runtime

Setpoint for Comfort

The source can be one of the following:

  • Local HMI
  • BACnet commissioning tool (RDF4..BN)
  • Modbus commissioning tool
  • Modbus client device

The thermostat saves the setpoints after power failure.

The figure below shows the interrelation:

1) Only required for heating and cooling applications (see Setpoints and sequences)

Room temperature via bus

The current setpoint (used by the thermostat for temperature control) is available on the BACnet/Modbus for use in the central control unit.

General note:

  • Changes via the local HMI or tool have the same priority (last one always wins).

Notes on setpoint adjustment

  • Minimum room temperature setpoint for Comfort can be adjusted via P20 (default: 5 °C) and maximum setpoint via P21 (default: 35 °C). If two parameters are adjusted, "Setpoint for Comfort" is updated accordingly.