Comfort mode

The Comfort setpoint can be adjusted via the +/- buttons or BACnet/Modbus from a remote device such as a touch panel or room operator unit, etc. The last command is active.

Setpoint adjustment range can be limited by a minimum (P20) and a maximum (P21).

Economy mode

Use control parameters P22 and P23 to adjust Economy setpoints.

The heating setpoint is 15 °C (factory setting), and cooling setpoint is 30 °C.


Protection mode

Use P50 and P51 to adjust the Protection mode setpoints.

The heating setpoint is 8 °C (frost protection, factory setting) and OFF for cooling.


If a setpoint (Economy or Protection) is set to OFF, the thermostat does not control the room temperature in the corresponding mode (heating or cooling). As a result, there is no protective heating or cooling function and thus risk of frost during heating or risk of overtemperature during cooling!

The Economy setpoints (P22, P23) can be accessed at the Service level; Protection setpoints (P50, P51) at the Expert level.