After initial power-up, all LCD segments light up for about 3 seconds. Afterwards, the device enters parameter setting mode and is ready for commissioning by qualified HVAC staff. After commissioning, parameter settings mode is closed, the device restarts and is ready for normal operation.

The control parameters of device can be adjusted to ensure optimum performance of the entire system (see Control parameters).

Applications and settings

The room thermostats are delivered with a fixed set of applications and related parameters. Select and activate the relevant application and settings during commissioning using one of the following tools:

  • Local HMI
  • BACnet commissioning tool (RDF4..BN)
  • Modbus commissioning tool
  • Siemens smartphone app Quick Config (RDF4..BN)

Control sequence

Set the control sequence via parameter P02 depending on the application. Factory setting:


Factory setting (P02)


2 = Cooling only


5 = Heating and cooling

Surge protection at power-up

When the thermostats are powered, the control outputs start at random to protect the electric system against overload. It takes up to 3 seconds for all thermostat outputs to function properly.

Setpoint and range limitation

For comfort and to save energy, we suggest to review all setpoint related parameters and adapt them as needed.