Security Identities and Privileges API

The Security Identities and Privileges API provides access to

  • Read/write identities
  • Read privileges
  • Assign privileges to an Identity
  • Assign credentials to an Identity

Security Activities API

The Security Activities API provides access to

  • Read activities

Developer Portal

The Developer Portal provides an overview which APIs are available for use as well as tutorials, getting started and the Security API swagger description.

API Management

The API Manager app provides (i) the ability to manage machine user credentials for enabling access to the Security APIs, (ii) an overview about API usage and (iii) the ability to try out the API via swagger template.

User Management

Provides role-based access control. New users can be invited to access the Cloud Service and given appropriate access rights via user groups. Data can be logically grouped into partitions and given access via user groups.

Data Hosting and Data Usage

Hosts and processes personal and nonpersonal data in data centers located in Germany and Ireland. For information regarding processing of personal data Customer may refer to the Data Processing Terms.