Even if there is no direct network connection between a PC and an IP interface, you can use a suitable network infrastructure for remote access to a KNX installation. Five simultaneous connections (remote accesses) are possible.

LANIP interfaceKNX deviceKNX deviceKNX deviceDSL router with VPN or ISDN/dial-in routerLANInternet (via VPN connectionor dial-in modem)DSL router or modemKNX
Secure remote access
  • The device must be reachable from outside of the own network.
  • In the DSL router with VPN or in the ISDN/analogous dial-in router, create two separate protocol release (port extension tunnels) for the same port number for the UDP and TCP protocol.
    The default port for KNX devices is port “3671.” The ports can be masked because the external port number differs from the internal port number.