IP Interface Secure is a rail-mounted device for installation in distributions. The device uses the KNXnet/IP standard and acts as an interface to KNX/EIB via data networks using the internet protocol (IP). To do so, this device enables bus access from a PC or other data processing devices.

Connections and power supply

The connection to KNX is established using a bus connector terminal (black and red terminals). The connection to the data network (IP via 10 or 100BaseT (depending on the switch)) is established using an RJ–45 socket.

IP Interface Secure also needs operating voltage in order to operate. IP Interface Secure can obtain this operation voltage via the network line using “Power over Ethernet” as per IEEE 802.3af. Alternatively, the operating voltage can be obtained via the second terminal block (white-yellow terminals) from an AC/DC 24 V safety extra low voltage supply or from a bus voltage supply (unchoked voltage, DC 29 V). As soon as the safety extra low voltage supply is connected to the second terminal block, operating voltage is drawn from it.

Remote access

Even if there is no direct network connection between a PC and an IP interface, you can use a suitable network infrastructure for remote access to a KNX installation. Five simultaneous connections (remote accesses) are possible.

Additional functions

IP Interface Secure has the following attributes:

  • Easy to connect to higher-level systems by using the internet protocol (IP)
  • Direct access to the KNX installation from every point in the IP network (KNXnet/IP tunneling)
  • Up to five KNXnet/IP tunneling connections are possible at the same time
  • LED displays for operational readiness, KNX communication and IP communication
  • Easy and secure configuration using ETS
  • Easy to connect to visualization systems and facility management systems
  • Slot for SD card (not in use)