IP address and network settings

For details on the IP address and additional network settings, contact your local network administrator.

  • The device has been added to the project.
  1. Select the device in the ‘Topology’ or ‘Devices’ section.
  1. In the ‘Properties’ section, switch to the ‘IP’ tab.
  1. Make the desired IP address settings.
  • The settings are saved automatically in the ETS project.
  1. Saving settings in the device. To do so, use the ETS software for full programming (menu item: “Program” > “Physical address & application program”).

The following settings are possible:

  • Obtain IP address automatically
    If you select this option, the device is automatically assigned an IP address. This happens either via an DHCP service in the network or, if no DHCP service has been configured, via the device itself (AutoIP).
    The MAC address required for configuring the DHCP service can be read underneath this setting option or on a sticker on the device.
  • Use fixed IP address
    When this option is selected, additional input fields are displayed in which the desired IP address for the device as well as a subnetwork screen and the standard gateway can be entered.