General functions

  • Room temperature control via built-in temperature sensor or temperature from bus
  • Selection of operating modes via operating mode button: Comfort or Economy
  • Selection of automatic or manual fan mode
  • Changeover between heating and cooling mode (automatic bus or manually)
  • Measured value adjustment of built-in temperature sensor
  • Key lock function
  • Configurable operating mode after power-up: Previous mode, Comfort or Protection
  • Surge protection at power-up


Setpoints and display

  • Min. and max. limitation of room temperature setpoint:
    • Comfort limitation (min. and max. limitation)
  • Display of current room temperature or setpoint in ℃, ℉ or both
  • Display of time of day from bus



  • Setting of commissioning and control parameters via:
    • Local HMI
    • Modbus commissioning tool
  • Reloading factory settings
  • User settings and control parameters are retained in case of power failure
  • Parameter protection by password (disabled by default)



  • 1-speed, 3-speed or DC 0...10 V fan control
  • Configurable fan kick in Economy
  • Configurable fan start kick
  • Configurable fan operation in zero energy zone (dead zone)
  • Fan operating hours counter



  • 1 digital input D1 (for dry contact), selectable for:
    • Window contact to switch operating mode to Protection
    • External alarm source for status reporting via bus
    • Presence detector to switch operating mode to Comfort
    • Hotel presence detector to switch operating mode to Economy and lock the screen when the room is unoccupied



  • Communication protocol Modbus RTU Server
  • Central control of setpoints and operating mode from bus
  • Monitoring of device status via bus
  • Parameter read/write via bus
  • Forced operating mode to Protection via bus